John Deere


Agricultural Equipment

Westrac Ltd looks to provide the country of Belize with the very best quality of agricultural equipment available. This is why we are the country’s sole dealer of John Deere equipment. We offer a selection of tractors and are here to get you any equipment you might need.

John Deere Service Shop

In order to offer the best support for our John Deere Equipment and other brands; we have opened our very own JD service shop with highly trained and certified mechanics ready to assist you and make sure you get back to work as quickly as possible.

John Deere Lubricants

John Deere offers some of the highest rated oils in the world and offers the right protection for your equipment. John Deere’s lubricants line is considered some of the best in the world. Different grades, products, and specifications are all available from John Deere’s quality line of products.

Automotive and Industrial


Our Brands

At Westrac Ltd we pride ourselves on carrying the top brands in the automotive, industrial, and heavy duty industries. We stand behind our brands and believe they offer the best value in the business.

Service Shops

Westrac has added automotive and truck service at select locations. We offer diagnostics, servicing, and mechanical repairs for cars and trucks. We are positive that our trained technicians will offer the best service available.

Car Care

For many people it is not just about the car running good, but also looking good. With this in mind, Westrac offers the most extensive line of high end and value brands for making your ride the best on the street. Washes, Waxes, and whatever you may need.



Westrac Alliance

The Westrac Alliance team is competing on the highest level of the cycling circuit in Belize. Take a look at team members and past accomplishments of our bright green riders.

Westrac Teams

Westrac has a great past of sponsoring youth programs and sport programs throughout our proud history. We have been involved in many events and sports traditions, which have brought not only enjoyment, but also commitment and success.

Community Involvement

Westrac Ltd prides itself in being an example of what character, principles, and hard work can achieve. Additionally, Westrac is striving to help others grow towards their own success as well. Together we can not only help individuals, but also our communities, and in the end build up our entire country.

Proudly supporting young athletes and the community