Westrac Teams

Westrac Ltd has a proud history of sponsoring teams for community events and large scale sporting occasions. Over the years, Westrac has many times had a canoe team participating in the grand canoeing race La Ruta Maya. We are proud of the people we have supported and those that have supported them and us as well. Westrac Ltd has constantly increased its involvement in other sporting events as well with five events recorded for 2019. Here we present some of the highlights of the events since 2009.

2019 Tournaments and Accomplishments


Team Lucas of Westrac participated in the 2019 La Ruta Maya; completing the competition as Champions of the Mixed Category


Tuff E Nuff/Westrac team made the Sub Champions in Belize City Firms Basketball League


Westrac FC made the semi-finals in the Belmopan Second Division


The Belmopan Westrac Basketball team reached the semi-finals in the the Belmopan Go Green Basketball Tournament


T-Rebels Volleyball Team made the semi-finals in the Belize First Division Volleyball Season



Pictures of Westrac Team participating on the La Ruta Maya canoe competition throughout the years


Our Valuable Supporters


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