Westrac has put an incredible amount of focus and dedication into growing and supporting the industrial side of business in Belize. As a company we are now offering extensive lines from the absolute top brands in construction, manufacturing, and trucking. Westrac understands that truck parts can not wait and can not fail. Truckers and equipment operators demand quality because it is their livelihood. We make sure that the brands that we offer are known to be the absolute top of the line. Additionally, we also realize that in certain factories and manufacturing there are regulations that must be met, while maintain reasonable pricing. For this reason, Westrac negotiated some of the best terms from our suppliers, to ensure we offer up to standard, quality, and affordable parts for factories and manufacturing companies in Belize.



Donaldson has focused on caring about its employees. They choose to be a role model for their employees in maintaining high ethical standards, sound judgment, character, and courage. This move has resulted in employees striving to live up to those high standards. And, the benefits they reap are a dedicated staff focused in securing only high-end filters leaves their warehouse.

In EVERY industry:

Construction – In extreme conditions of construction and aggregate environments, Donaldson’s range of engine, hydraulic, compressor, and bulk filters provide superior protection.

Factory/Food & Beverage – Processors count on Donaldson filters to ensure consistent product quality from source to shelf, while meeting all the FDA and regulation standards.

Transportation – Trucking or fleet managers know Donaldson’s wide range of filters will keep their trucks operating at peak efficiency, reducing operating expenses and downtime over the long haul.

Westrac could not be happier to supply Donaldson to all our industrial customers. Truly, with experienced staff, service shops, and good aftermarket and OEM filters, Westrac is taking care of its customers entirely.

Mr. Nelson Lopez, Service Technicians’ Supervisor shared his view point on filters stating, “The oil goes through the filter. If the filter stops filtering or it clogs, your whole engine will go bad.”

Mr. Esvin Bautista, Service Technician, added, “Even with air filters, you could have loss of power. It could damage the engine because then you don’t have any kind of filter in there so you have dust in the engine causing engine wear” later adding “you don’t blow an air filter.”


Timken is a brand that offers strength, knowledge, perseverance, and skills honed over a century of hard work. This history they bring into the modern age of industry in the form of quality. While the pace of global manufacturing, transportation, business, and travel is greater than ever, Timken quality never falters and never stops.

Westrac is proud to offer Timken as the best bearings in every industry: cars, trucks, equipment, and factories can rely on the quality offered in Timken’s products and Westrac’s service and support with these products.

Stronger. By design.

Availability and quality +Advance performance +outstanding durability = customer satisfaction




ITR is committed to providing the highest quality products available, ITR components are designed, engineered, and produced to rigid quality standards.

ITR also manufactures a full range of Steel Track and Components for use on small and medium sized equipment covering a wide range of Excavators, Cranes, Road machinery, Street Pavers, Profilers, and other Specialty Equipment and applications. These high quality repair components are designed and engineered to provide excellent service under extreme working conditions.

ITR offers tracks, chains, idlers, drive sprockets, rollers, wear strips, rock guards, shoes, pads, track tensioners, rubber & urethane covered steel shoes, hardware and more.

With such an extensive line of products, there is nothing Westrac cannot get for you, regardless of the work you are in.



This OEM engine builder is a part of the agricultural community’s success due to its faithfulness in building engines that last.

As Mr. Allan Reimer, Chief Operations Officer shared, “We grew up with Perkins…that was the engine, just the name; that was a quality engine.”

Perkins manufactures OEM engines and parts for practically any machinery ranging from tractors to generators. Westrac trusts Perkins based on firsthand experience with working with the brand making them one of Westrac’s go to supplier for OEM parts.




Westrac Ltd is happy to have added TVH as a brand for handling and lifting equipment parts. As our goal of being the number one source for factories, warehouses, and other industrial operations, Westrac realized that this type of equipment was a crucial component with a complex range of forklifts, stock pickers, and other equipment.

TVH as a brand has over 50 years of experience and an incredibly extensive line of parts. Whatever forklift, factory equipment or machinery you may have, Westrac and TVH work together to be able to deliver quality parts.