Community Involvement

Westrac Ltd and each of our locations, throughout Belize, is a part of a community. We recognize that the company is in fact a product of these communities and as such should also be involved in and serve the community. Our growth is directly related to the growth of our communities, as well as the growth of Belize as a nation. Westrac firmly believes that one of the best ways to ensure the development and growth of a nation is to invest in future, through education and support of our many learning institutions throughout the country.

One of the key components of this type of community involvement is Westrac’s School Restoration Project. Starting in 2017, Westrac has been working with different people and organizations to take on some of the bigger challenges facing the different schools in Belize. In 2017 and 2018 Westrac  worked hand in hand with the Rotaract Clubs of Belize to choose schools that had specific needs to their facilities. In 2019, the Holy Angels R.C. School had a building shut down and Westrac worked directly with the school to make sure this was fixed, with a huge restoration project. 

2020 - Tuitions and School Bags

In June 2020 Westrac brought smiles to countless faces as they paid the tuition fees for many students; a donation that totaled thirty four thousand eight hundred and fify dollars.

At Queen Street Baptist School, one hunderd and forty students benefited from this donation.

At Unity Presbyterian Primary School, two hundred and fifty five students benefited from this donation.

Westrac also went on to partner with Pureguard in donating four hundred and forty five school bags to children in the Queen Street Baptist School, Unity Presbyterian Primary School, and Living Hope Preparatory School.


2019 - Restoration and Renovation

Easily the largest project to be done, was completed in May of 2019 as Westrac undertook the initiative to completely refurbish and renovate the largest building at the Holy Angels R.C. School in Pomona Village. The school was shut down by the government due to the unhealthy condition of the building. Bats, rusted roof, and rotten wood were all a problem. With some former students and staff of this school now working at Westrac, the project was even closer to the heart of the company. Initially to be only a replacement of roof, rafters, and painting. The company directors visited the school personally and decided the need was great and the initiative of completely redoing the inside was added as well as a ceiling, rewiring, new electrical work; making the oldest building one of the nicest buildings.


2018 - Facility Improvements

Again, working hand in hand with the Rotaract club of San Ignacio, Westrac assisted in helping improve the facilities available to the students of the schools in Arenal and Calla Creek Villages.

Arenal Village
Arenal school received a new permanent basin for the students. This allowed them to have clean drinking water readily available and wash their hands.


Calla Creek Village
During the rainy season at the school these children were often forced to run through water in order to walk from class to class. To connect the main entrance and all the classrooms, the idea of an elevated path was brought forth and a cement path was built.

2017 - School Supplies, Renovation and Restoration

Silk Grass Methodist School received much needed new wooden armchairs for the students; along with necessary school supplies.

Ebenezer Methodist School in Belize City received a large number of backpacks that contained pens, notebooks, and other supplies for the coming school year.


St. Michaels R.C. School in Belmopan desperately needed a ceiling and Rotaract's staff faithfully installed a ceiling for the students of this popular school in the Nation’s Capital.



In Hidden Paradise there was work done to bring cleaner conditions to the students, with new benches and screen windows as well as screen doors being installed.


Lastly, but not least, the young children of San Luis Village got their library redone as well as their playground.