Turbo Warranty Conditions

Installation Guidelines

Proper installation is crucial to a long turbocharger life. Improper installation and maintenance can result in a short life of a turbo.


In order to reduce the risk of premature turbo failure, all customers purchasing a turbo from Westrac Ltd must read and understand the following installation guidelines:


Before fitting the turbo, please check and clean the following parts (and/or replace if necessary):

- Check oil pump,

- Check and clean the complete intake system,

- Check and clean oil strainer to prevent residual carbon.

- Check exhaust system and clean any blockages,

- Check and clean oil sump,

- Check and clean the DPF system (If equipped),

- Check and clean intercooler,

- Check and clean turbo oil lines and banjo bolts,

- Check wastegate actuator wiring (If equipped).

- Change the engine oil.

- Change oil and air filter.

- Ensure oil level is above minimum


Fit the turbo and test the oil flow of your engine.

Important: Be sure the oil level is above minimum level before testing:


Install the turbo to the engine with oil return pipe off;

- Align the bearing housing to where the oil drain is pointing down within 30 degrees, tighten all clamps.

- Crank engine until oil drains out of the oil drain on the turbo.

- Use a long oil line; attach one end to the oil drain line, and the other into a container to catch draining oil,

- Start your engine for 60s then power off;

Important: There should be at least 0.3L oil in the container;


Repeat the test to confirm the flow is right and stable.



Note: We highly recommended that a professional mechanic or turbo technician installs any new turbo purchased.



- Warranty does not include any damage caused by foreign objects.

- Warranty can only be granted if there are no signs of improper installation.