Service Shops

Westrac service shops offer oil changes, replacement for steering and suspension parts like shocks, struts and mounts along with a myriad of other services.


At Westrac, decisions are made in the best interest of our customers. Nelson Lopez, Technician Supervisor at the Spanish Lookout Service Shop gives some insight on how the service shops do their work in the best interest of the customers; he states:

"The first service is crucial, we try not to take advantage or have our customers buy parts that don't need to be changed...we check the condition of the vehicle everytime it is brought in for oil service...we do check them every oil service...It is important to use the correct oil because they have all kind of timing and things that work with oil pressure. If you don’t have the right thickness things don’t work the same.” Nelson Lopez, Service Technicians Supervisor

Westrac Ltd is proud to offer diagnostics, repairs, and servicing at select locations. For your convenience, we have a Spanish Lookout Truck and Auto Service Shop as well as a Belize City Truck and Auto Service Shop.

You could also benefit from our Auto Service Shop in Belmopan.

For inquiries or pricing, request the service shop at the following numbers:


Spanish Lookout: (501) 823-0104

Belmopan: (501) 822-0800

Belize City: (501) 224-5300


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