Return Policy

In order to ensure customer satisfaction Westrac Ltd accepts same day returns (24 hours) for all parts or products if the following conditions are met:

  1. Item is returned with original invoice
  2. Item and packaging have not been damaged (writing on packaging is considered damage) or missing any pieces and the item has not been installed. 
  3. The item is not a special order item that was specifically ordered in for the customer by request.


If all conditions are met the return is processed and given based on method of purchase. 

  1. Cash refunds are given only for cash sales, and all other sales are returned to the buyers account.
  2. In cases where buyer paid with card and does not have an account, a return is made back to the card.
  3. If the purchase was made with a check, the return is given as a check, written to the original buyer, and with a date allowing for clearance of the check used for purchase.


Items being returned after the 24 hour window, must meet the same criteria and additionally they must be approved by a specified Westrac Ltd personnel.

Any items that are returned after 15 days will incur a 15% Restocking fee. 



    - Generally, after a month items are not returned, regardless of condition. 

    - Electrical parts are non-refundable