Radiator Warranty Conditions

Installation Guidelines

Proper installation is crucial to a long radiator life. Improper installation and maintenance can result in a short life of a radiator.


In order to reduce the risk of premature radiator failure, all customers purchasing a radiator from Westrac Ltd must read and understand the following installation guidelines:


Old Radiator Removal

- Check vehicle manual for any vehicle specific tips or warnings (possibly airbag diarming).

- Disconnect the negative terminal cable from the battery to avoid any electrical shorting.

- Allow radiator and coolant to completely cool.

- Cautiously remove radiator cap or plug.

- Completely drain radiator.

- Use proper tools to remove fittings and lines (to avoid damage to in & out lines).

- Remove upper mounting brackets.

- Disconnect and either slide or remove fan assembly

- If any AC components (such as condenser) must be disconnected or moved, ensure AC is drained.

- Carefully remove radiator.


New Radiator Installation.

- Place new radiator in place.

- Carefully thread back transmission or/and engine lines (stripping damage could void warranty claims).

- Tighten with appropriate tool, do not over tighten.

- If any AC components (such as condenser) was disconnected, reconnect.

- Reconnect fan assembly.

- Flush cooling system with proper flushing chemicals (failure to flush voids warranty).

- Refill using only approved coolant (non-approved coolant may void warranty).

- Do NOT use un-distilled water if using concentrate mix (use of contaminated water void warranty).

- Ensure bleeding valves are properly opened (if vehicle has such valve) when starting vehicle (next step).

- Start vehicle with your heater turned all to hot.

- Allow vehicle to warm up until thermostat is open and allowing coolant to flow (you know this is happening when the hose heats up).

- Check for leaks while engine is running (WARNING: some components may be hot).

- After running a little while, check if top off of approved coolant is needed.


Note: We highly recommended that a professional mechanic or radiator technician installs any new radiator purchased.

- Warranty does not include any damage caused by foreign objects.

- Warranty can only be granted if there are no signs of improper installation.