Monbat batteries sold at Westrac Ltd.


Monbat batteries are manufactured for power and endurance. Power you can trust, that is consistently strong in a battery that will last impressively long.

Deep cycle Monbat batteries



MONBAT DEEP CYCLE series is specially designed for powering electrical equipment for longer periods of time with increased ability of deep discharge cycles.

Main Benefits

  • •  Perfect option for applications demanding extremely high resistance to deep and repeated discharge cycles
  • •  Up to 400 cycles at 50% DOD (for 12V batteries)
  • •  Up to 900 cycles at 50% DOD (for 6V and 8V)
  • •  Up to 2000 cycles (PVES applications)
  • •  Very wide choice of capacities for any type of application
Premium maintenance free Monbat batteries



MONBAT Premium series offer great power and endurance for vehicles with the latest equipment and highest electrical requirements. Our new design with punched grids and polyester fleece provides superior starting power and excellent level of endurance.

Main Benefits

  • •  Premium battery option on the market
  • •  Punched grid technology for improved performance
  • •  Up to +30% increased starting power
  • •  Special fleece increases the cycling ability
  • •  Ideal for cars with the latest electrical equipment
  • •  Charge level indicator
  • •  Increased service life
  • •  Designed specially to withstand extreme climate conditions (heat proof)
  • •  Enhanced safety and reliability
Heavy duty Monbat Batteries.



MONBAT Heavy Duty batteries are made to offer your trucks and equipment that lasting source of power that wont let you down even through the toughest of jobs.

Main Benefits

  • •  Complete range for vans, agricultural vehicles, tractors, HGVs, coaches and buses
  • •  Suitable for heavy vehicles with standard electrical requirements
  • •  Wide range of available specifications
  • •  Vibration proof
  • •  Low rate of self-discharge
  • •  Improved Endurance
  • •  Enhanced Safety and reliability