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Compatible with both synthetic and conventional engine oils, High Performance Lucas Oil Products meet and exceed industry specifications to deliver top quality, environmentally-friendly, and enhanced performance to your passenger cars, agricultural and yard equipment, heavy duty trucks, industrial hydraulic needs and more. 


Lucas motor oils



The wide selection of Lucas Motor Oils are blended with quality base stocks promising high performance that you can count on.



  • •   Excellent choice for highway usage
  • •   Blended to create a formula with highest quality paraffinic base stocks, lubricity and anti-seize agents
  • •   Lubricates and protects gasoline and diesel engines
  • •   Lowers oil temperatures and slows oil consumption, extending oil drain intervals
  • •   SAE30 Plus is a superior oil choice for agricultural equipment and high-revving engines



Lucas fuel treatment



Proven to ensure lower emission and higher MPG, Lucas Additives clean and lubricate the vitally important parts of your vehicle’s fuel system.



  • •   Delivers enhanced performance three times as good as other brands
  • •   Cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, and fuel lines and keeps carbon deposits from clogging filters
  • •   Burns fuel thoroughly, greatly reducing emissions
  • •   Runs engine smoothly with increased acceleration
  • •   Excellent for power restoration in high mileage vehicles and preventative maintenance for newer models
  • •   Allows for safe storage--preventing gasoline break-down

Lucas engine oil additives



Formulated specifically with base stocks, Lucas Oil Additives are designed for reliable and extended protection in a wide range of engines.



  • •   Protects engine for extended oil life
  • •   Reduces heat, friction, and wear of any engine type
  • •   A new formula in Engine Oil Stop Leak stops your leaking problems
  • •   Complete Engine Treatment leaves not only the fuel system but also multiple systems clean and lubricated
  • •   Heavy Duty and High Mileage Oil Stabilizers are 100% petroleum products
  • •   Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak solves hydraulic system problems



Lucas transmission fluids



Lucas Oil boasts a wide variety of transmission products that ensure quiet operation and extend transmission life. 



  • •   Shifts smoothly and precisely
  • •   May be used in both new and older vehicles
  • •   Has exceptional ability to condition seals
  • •   Automatic transmissions experience less shuddering
  • •   Anti-Squawk Anti-Shudder is greatly effective with both agricultural equipment and Honda vehicles
  • - The long-lasting synthetic 50WT Transmission Oil for heavy duty trucks operates at lower temperatures while lubricating upper bearings and gears



Lucas gear oils



When plain gear oils just don’t do enough, these “super slick” long-lasting high performance gear lubricants offer just the right cushioning needed for those extreme pressures.



  • •   Primary supplemental oil for heavy duty applications
  • •   Designed for heavy duty or high performance use
  • •   Can stand high temperatures without affecting the viscosity
  • •   Special anti-wear and lubricating additives provide cushioning to protect gears under extreme pressures
  • •   Heat control is unique to 80W-90 and 85W-140



Lucas 2 cycle oil


Created from high quality base oils to create more power and less emissions, Lucas Oil offers long-lasting, trouble-free solutions for motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, forklift, yard care engines and more.



  • •   Primarily for 2-stroke engines
  • •   Built to endure high temperatures with less noise but increased performance
  • •   Smokeless formulae that keep components clean from residue
  • •   High Performance Foam Filter Oil is a waterproof formula



Lucas marine oils


Lucas Oil’s Marine Products are highly effective and long-lasting blends that endure harsh conditions in both freshwater and saltwater environments while protecting the watercraft from rust and corrosion.



    • •   Primarily for 4-stroke engines
    • •   Designed to withstand high water speeds and pressures
    • •   Corrosion and rust-resistant even in salt water