General Warranty

Westrac Ltd stands behind the products, parts, and our brands. We believe all our products and services meet or exceed industry standards.

In rare cases an item may show signs of a manufacturer defect. In such instances, Westrac holds the right to keep the item, being claimed for warranty, for 24 hours for further examination.  Additionally, the following conditions must be considered:

  1. This 24 hour window does not include the time for shipping of the product to the designated branch, if additional tests or examinations are needed.
  2. All warranty claims must include the invoice for the original purchase. 
  3. Westrac reserves the right to decline warranty on items that show signs of misuse, damage, or improper installation. 

If warranty is approved, Westrac will then replace the product/part free of charge. In specific instances where the item is impossible to replace, the warrantied item will be treated as a same day return, based on our return policy. (Kindly click here for return policy details)

Items that surpass 45 days since purchase do not fall under warranty policies. Items passed this time are only considered for warranty if the product line offers its own warranty policy (eg. Performance Tools Lifetime Warranty).


Deka Batteries Warranty Policy, Performance Tools Lifetime Warranty, and Turbo Warranty Guidelines are not the same as our general warranty. These are all available at the bottom of the site.