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Through Shellzone, Shell is supplying a wide variety of coolant products for the cooling system specifically designed to reduce overall maintenance costs. This is achieved through a unique system which incorporates effective heat transfer and freeze and boiling protection and corrosion protection.


Here we highlight two of their most popular products.

DexCool coolant from ShellZone


Shell Dexcool AF/C 50/50

Shell DEX-COOL 50/50 Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a single-phase, ethylene glycol based, extended life, universal automotive engine coolant based on a unique extended life carboxylate inhibitor system. Shell DEX- COOL 50/50 ELC is suitable for a five year or 150,000 mile service life in automotive applications. In heavy-duty applications not requiring nitrite Shell DEX-COOL 50/50 is suitable for a service life of 400,000 miles or 8,000 hours. Shell DEX-COOL Prediluted 50/50 is a 50/50 volume mixture of Shell DEX-COOL with deionized water.

Shell DEX-COOL ELC 50/50 Antifreeze Coolant Applications

• Extended life universal automotive gasoline or diesel engine antifreeze / coolant 1

• Extended life universal heavy-duty diesel antifreeze/coolant for systems not requiring nitrite1

• Extended life antifreeze/coolant meeting Japanese silicate free requirements1

• Extended life antifreeze/coolant meeting European phosphate free requirements1

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

• GM DEX-COOL approval 1

• General Motors GM6277M1

• General Motors GM1825M1

• Concentrate meets ASTM D3306 incl. D4340 and ASTM D49851

• Pre-dilute meets ASTM D46561

• Federal Specification A-A-8701

• General Motors GM1899M (Performance corresponding to GM6038M)1

• Chrysler MS-9769 (meets performance requirements)1

• Ford ESE-M97B44-D1

• Volkswagen/Audi G-121

Shellzone AntiFreeze/Engine coolant


ShellZone Antifreeze Concentrate

Shellzone Antifreeze Concentrate is a superior quality, single phase, ethylene glycol based antifreeze. It is a low silicate, all- purpose coolant designed for use in both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines (with the use of SCA’s).

Shellzone Antifreeze Concentrate is specially formulated to meet the stringent aluminum corrosion protection requirements of today’s automotive engines. Because of its low concentration of silicate, it also complies with Cummins and other heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer’s silicate requirements. This product is also suitable for use in industrial internal combustion engines where an antifreeze/coolant is required to provide protection against freezing, boil over, and corrosion.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

• ASTM D3306 for automotive service1

• ASTM D4985 for heavy duty diesel service1


• Chrysler MS-71701

• Cummins 90T8-41

• Federal Specification A-A-8701

• Ford ESE-M97B44-A1

• Freightliner1

• General Motors GM1825M1

• General Motors GM1899M (performance corresponding to GM6038M)1

• J.I. Case JIC5011

• John Deere H24B11

• John Deere H24C11

• Mack Truck1


• SAE J10341

• TMC of ATA RP-302A1