The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in Belize. Westrac understands that vehicle repairs can be stressful and time consuming. With Westrac, customers can come with confidence knowing that our team is offering the absolute best options in the industry. Westrac looks at both the immediate cost and the long run cost for customers looking for automotive parts. The company has done all the in depth research in looking for the brands that sell parts and accessories that are certain to solve their customers vehicle problems both effectively and efficiently.


As Mr. Allan Reimer, Chief Operations Officer explained “There are a lot of different companies out there these days and everybody offers parts but we want more than just parts. We need to make sure that we have quality. Also the pricing has to be competitive. That is a big concern, the quality and the pricing.”


Moog offers an array of suspension and steering parts such as tie rods, pitman arms, idler arms, link kits, bushings, control arms, drag links

For steering and suspension, Westrac stands behind Moog thanks to their use of hybrid core technology. Additionally, their focus on security and durability has led to them being selected by NASCAR as their go to brand for steering and suspension.

With their full component kits, fitting is made quick and simple and you never have to re-use old components; simply, they make shopping for parts less complicated and their reputation precedes them in steering and suspension.



Monroe offers struts, shocks and mounts

Monroe Shocks and Struts are one of the most respected brands in the automotive industry. The brand celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. They continue to bring out an extensive line of shocks, struts, and related components that not only last but offer safety and comfort.

Beyond advanced technologies and best in class product performance, a core element of the Monroe brand’s enduring success has been a uniquely strong connection with professionals who specify, sell, and install these products. This kind of deeper understanding of the needs of the end user is what aligns the Monroe brand with the Westrac’s brand of customer service.

Deka offers marine, heavy duty, motorcycle and automotive batteries

For more than 30 years, Deka has supplied Westrac with a large selection of batteries, covering the three main industries in the country: agricultural, automotive, and industrial.

Westrac supports companies that care about their customers, like DEKA does.

DEKA goes full circle in showing their commitment to customer care. They do this with a high end world-class 520-acre battery manufacturing complex equipped with cutting edge technology for the design of each battery that ensures quality in every battery. They pair this, award winning dedication to quality, with a reputation for being environmentally friendly. This care for community and customers is shown in the fact that they go to the extent of having advanced controls in place to reduce lead emissions into the air throughout their production.

When asked what Westrac likes about DEKA, Mr. Allan Reimer, Chief Operations Officer pointed out that “they stand up for their quality; very strict controls of quality and environment…” This deep quality centered culture has resulted in the company having one of the lowest defect rates in the industry and highest reputation.

*DEKA has countless awards in recognition of their commitment to quality and environmental awareness.