When Westrac started selling tractor parts in 1969, the owners went from being customers to serving customers. As Mr. Albert Penner, Tractor Purchasing Supervisor, stated when interviewed “The experience our owners had…there was hands on experience; some of them having been in the farming community before starting with the business.” Hence, they went into the business already knowing the farmers’ needs and understood they would only be successful if their customers were successful. When asked about what the company does to ensure the quality is exceptional, Mr. Albert Penner said they look at “the life of the part” later adding “we expect the best of the part.”


With quality being a focal point it is not surprising to know Westrac proudly supports John Deere and Bepco.



Westrac is a John Deere dealer

“For John Deere, the time they have been in business, 175+ years, that should give a company a good feel on what quality is.”

Albert Penner, Tractor Purchasing Supervisor

Westrac became the sole John Deere Dealer for the country of Belize, in 1998. With John Deere, the company is able to offer the agricultural and industrial industries an extensive line of machinery in addition to parts and attachments.

A very effective Purchase-to-Order system makes ordering and expediting items that are not in stock, possible.

As a John Deere dealer, Westrac has access to a wide range of trainings for service technicians. In keeping up with the latest technology, the company’s technicians are constantly upping their knowledge via these trainings.

“There are multi-levels for a technician to train. We have one of our technicians already basically at Masters Level, at the top level, and then we have a lot that are moving their way up the ladder towards it.” Albert Penner, Tractor Purchasing Supervisor

John Deere core values: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.


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Bepco has a vast line of aftermarket agricultural equipment.

Bepco has a range of aftermarket products; they cover multi-brands.

As Mr. Allan Reimer, Chief of Operations, pointed out “they have a consistent supplier” adding “Westrac started dealing with Bepco about 40 years ago…At that time it was owned by Mr John Bence. He started the company and he grew it very rapidly and they had a quality control and they really stood by their products”. 

Based on many years of being in the business, Westrac knows their quality is consistent.

“For Bepco I would say our time, having been with them, that track record would be a big factor, for me, if I were to consider to buy from somewhere else, just to know for how long you have sold this product line, means a lot to me” Albert Penner, Tractor Purchasing Supervisor

Westrac and Bepco have teamed up to expedite orders for customers by offering daily DHL and FEDEX services.

“Parts come from Europe but still arrive here on time” Mr. Albert Penner




KMP offers replacement products for John Deere, Perkins, Massey Ferguson, Ford


Westrac depends on KMP for replacement parts for its customers as it is a company that considers its customers’ pockets; offering affordable parts with only the highest quality; and this is the result of our extensive knowledge, intense customer focus. KMP brand has become a global company with cutting edge technology.

KMP sells replacement agricultural parts suitable for John Deere, Case IH, Perkins, Massey Ferguson and Ford agricultural machines.

KMP provides a vast range of replacement engine parts for both heavy duty and agricultural engines, including Cylinder Blocks , Cylinder Heads , Pistons & Ring Sets ,Pumps , Gaskets and Engine Overhaul Kits.